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The TEAM in TEAMSean stands for "Together Everyone Achieves Miracles!" 


TEAMSean was formed in 2012, as friends and family came together to support Sean Ries of Parsippany, New Jersey who was born on Valentines Day, 2007 and was diagnosed a week before his 5th birthday on February 6th, 2012, with a large dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor (DNET) in the left side of his brain. The next day he underwent the first of three surgeries he would have that year.


Following his surgeries, Sean’s tumor was in remission until February 2nd, 2017 when his family learned that his battle was not over. In May 2017 Sean bravely underwent a fourth brain surgery followed by 30 rounds of radiation. He continues to wage war against his diagnosis. Now, in 2018, six years and four brain surgeries later, Sean is about to enter sixth grade, and his remaining tumor is stable.  



TEAMSean has turned their focus to raising awareness for pediatric cancer, and supporting research they hope will one day find a cure for Sean and every other child facing this heartbreaking diagnosis. In 2015, the Ries family (and TEAMSean) joined forces with three other families who like them, were frustrated by a lack of funding for research for inoperable brain tumors.

These families, united by tragedy, have formed the Children’s Brain Tumor Family Foundation (CBTFF), an organization dedicated to raising awareness for pediatric brain tumors and to supporting research at the Weill Cornell Children’s Brain Tumor Project.

This website will help you keep up to date with Sean Ries and the CBTFF.

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